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This morning's performance touched my soul. Nobody ever played my music with such passion & devotion.
Grazie - Roberto D. Rusconi (Winner of the Zeitklang–Competition 2011)

Hi Kairos.
It was really a pleasure meeting you all at The Nordic Music Days 2010.
Your playing was fantastic and the concert as a whole, was really impressive!Thanks a lot.
I hope to work with you guys some other time.
Simon Christensen, after the quartet's danish debut at the Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen 2010

Thank you very much for your excellent performance! You play perfect. I'm happy to have the chance to know you and to work together.
Russian composer Dmitri Kourliandski after a concert at MaerzMusik, Berlin, 2009

...surely a production would be worthwhile. How you brought out the timbres of the string trio I really liked a lot.
The Berlin composer Erhard Grosskopf commenting on the performance of his string trio at MaerzMusik 2009

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you as a festival director as well as a listener for your contribution to the "Aspekte".
Ludwig Nussbichler, Aspekte Salzburg 2008

Having returned home I really feel like getting back to you and to thank you for your professional habitus and your musicality. It was, once again, a great joy, to hear, see, meet, and talk to you.
Gerd Kühr, Austrian composer

I have written quite a few string quartets, thanks to my positive experiences with the Kairos Quartett. When I arrived at our first rehearsal in Berlin [1998] - they were working on String Quartet No. 1 - I was very skeptical because the piece is extremely tricky in terms of pitch. With great surprise I realized that they had been keeping their instruments tuned for several weeks in the required special way, and that they had rehearsed the piece with an intensity and thoroughness I had not considered possible anymore in today's concert business. When one realizes that there are people who can deal with one's own music like this it is an encouragement to continue writing for the genre.
Georg Friedrich Haas, quote from the Vienna Modern Festival Book 2007, p. 25

Thank you so much for your extraordinary work & magnificent performance of "In the Shadow's Light"! It is a realisation at a level quite beyond "my wildest dreams".
Liza Lim, Australian composer

Thank you very much for the CD [recording of WP at Warsaw Autumn 2005] ! It sounds very good and excellent performing of my Silent cosmos :) Bravo! Keep in touch and hope to have further project with your quartet!
Kee Yong Chong, Malaysian Composer

I was immediately very impressed by the extremely intensive, in equal measure idealistic and competent way, in which these young people made my highly complex, in every way demanding music their own.
Klaus Huber (after rehearsal and concert 1997)

I was very happy about this beautiful concert arrangement which really pleased me in terms of the spatial as well as the musical. You are simply a super quartet – and it is telling that you always aim to deliver nothing but the best, no matter if the venue is small, or big.
Dr. Markus Fein, Director of "Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker"