Teaching Activities

• 2019: Cello teacher at the music school Potsdam-Mittelmark, coach of a string orchestra
• 2019 Guangzhou Conservatory, China: Workshops on contemporary string techniques, preparations and notation
• 2019 SoundBridge Festival, Kuala Lumpur: Workshop
• 2018 Shanghai Conservatory: Workshops on the use of string instruments in Contemporary Music, Preparatiosn and new Playing Techniques, on Notation, moderated recital (Kairos Quartet)
• 2012 and 2015 Workshops at Mozarteum Salzburg for composition students, public rehearsals and performance of the new string quartets in Dec. of the same year.
• Coach at the Musikhochschule Lucerne, preparing student string quartets for performances of G. F. Haas conceptual string quartet In iij. Noct.) as part of the Lucerne Festival
• Workshops at Carinthian High Schools (New Music Mediation) since 2010
• 2011-13 teaching associate at the Alps Adriatic University of Klagenfurt (Seminars on Concept Improvisation, e.g. Greetings To John Cage SS 2012)
• 2010 Ossiach new music and improvisation workshops for musical amateurs (AUS)
• 2008 master class for string players on the interpretation of new music in Halberstadt (GER)
• 2007 master class for cello and new music at the State Conservatory Klagenfurt
• Teacher at the school of music "Paul Hindemith" in Neukölln (Berlin) 1992-2008 (single and group lessons, cello quartet)
• Teacher in the pre-studies programme at the school of music in Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf (Berlin) 2006-2008
• Adaptation of new music concepts for amateurs and beginners for instant realization
• Design and realization of workshops at secondary schools in Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, Poland and Germany on the performance practice of baroque and new music

In Berlin and Teltow I offer (in German, English, and Italian):

Cello Lessons
   • Musical Technique (all strings – Dounis/Neikrug Principles)
    • Individual Practice Strategies
    • Help with Posture and other Problems (Tendonitis ...)
    • Optimizing your focus (stage fright vs. concentration)
    • Audition Training
    • Historical Performance Practice of baroque and classical music

Group lessons / Courses
    • New Music String Techniques (Vl,Va,Vc)
    • Concept Improvisation
    • Chamber Music Coaching
    • Cello Ensemble